UNTAMED DREAMS opens on October 2nd

Untamed Dreams posterStudio B Gallery is delighted to present an exhibit entitled “Untamed Dreams” of art by Jennifer Brant and Meghann Rader. The exhibit, curated by Studio B’s resident curator Sonia Stastny, opens on Friday, October 2 with a reception from 7 to 11pm.

Autumn is a time to return to the darkness where the feminine energy prevails.  It is time to turn inward and daydream, scheme and contemplate.  The two female artists exhibited in “Untamed Dreams” have mastered the art of capturing dreamscapes and inner worlds we all explore whether in dream state or waking life.

Jennifer Brant, currently residing in Vancouver, works primarily in textile and embroidery, hand dying her canvases and creating with thread abstract shapes reminiscent of swarms, neurology and topography. She explores the notion of colour, space, self and non-self.

Meghann Rader, a Port Alberni artist, has explored many media in her career.  The works on exhibit are of mixed media combining hand drawn images with watercolour, gouache and digital.  Rader is inspired by nature, landscapes and patterns, seamlessly venturing from figurative into abstract work.

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