The Garden Elf


Funk-tional Garden Art installations, designed intentionally to add character, functionality, and artistic flare that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

I asked a friend once, who I highly regard as a brilliant farming/gardening wizard, “whats one piece of advice you could give to creating an amazing & successful garden?” His reply was “Make it beautiful!”

My vision with Garden Elf Creations, is to provide products that aid in the functionality and beauty of the garden. From space saving planting boxes, funky garden trellis’s, arbors, privacy screens, and artistic fence panels.


Funky Garden Trellises:

These trellis are all unique. Constructed of Westcoast Yellow and Red Cedar. Nailed from both sides, clamped and waterproof glued, to provide long lasting stability and resistance to weathering. All Brad nail holes will swell up after about a year to close off the holes giving it a nice clean finish.

Useful for attractive privacy screening, growing beans, vines, flower, etc.

Pyramid Planter Boxes:

Space saving planting boxes, constructed of 1inch Yellow Cedar and fastened together with stainless steel wood screws. Yellow cedar is one the most decay resistant woods out there, making it ideal for outdoor installations where you would want to avoid highly toxic treated wood, Gardens being #1.

These planters are a standard 4ft x 4ft at the base and 1ft x 1ft at the top. You can fit an average of 50 strawberry plants into one of these planters.

Ideal to create a herb garden for your household.

Grow something different on each level.

Levels can be turned to create bigger planting spaces.

These boxes are selling a super price of $100.

They look beautiful in the garden, especially when you have beautiful red strawberries cascading down the sides :)

Check out the photo gallery of different designs already made to start visioning where one will nicely fit into your garden.

Checkout my facebook for more designs and information.

Or Call Andy @ (250)792-8081

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