Studio B presents The Moon Band on Dec 5th

Moon Band

Studio B Gallery is proud to present The Moon Band playing a live set or two at the opening of the 10 UNDER 100 Show.  Get ready for some musical magic as you explore the show with a nice spiced apple cider in your hand.
The Moon Band is a collaboration of Renée Forrester and Nicholas Tomlinson.  An eclectic duo, they use instruments such as the Bouzouki, Autoharp, Guitar, Fiddle, Sitar, Keyboard and Recorder, and draw influences from many genres such as traditional music, psychedelic folk, rock n’ roll and classical music.
Together, Nick and Renée create a mystical and magical sort of music, and play a mix of unique originals and covers. Their music can be described as dreamy, other worldly, playful, free spirited and holds a bit of good ol’ foot tapping folk!
The Moon Band will be releasing their single “Cedar People” on January 1st of 2015 with Wisdom Twins Records.

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