SOFT TRUTH by Anne Steves


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Studio B Gallery is proud to present a stunning display by local artist Anne Steves entitled SOFT TRUTH. This series of mixed media and fibre works will remain on exhibit all of October and November.

Everyone is invited to attend the artist talk by Anne Steves on Sunday, November 5th, at Studio B Gallery, 2 to 4pm. Refreshments will be served.

For more information about the exhibit, read the artist statement below and check out the interview with Anne here.

Artist Statement by Anne Steves: 

“Soft Truths is a collection of works created in 2015 while working as Artist In Residence for the Kent Harrison Arts Council in Harrison Hot Springs. While living in the space above the Ranger Station Gallery, I experimented with modes of making which could speak about place in a way that is flexible, malleable, sometimes emotional and always open to interpretation.

I am interested in stories, half-truths, impressions, tricks of the light and craftiness. During my research, I looked to feminist artists and their use of craft techniques. Many have made use of materials that are soft, not easy to categorise, imperfect and have blurred the lines between domestic life and the autonomous art object. In my own works I explore the landscape and our relationship to it without using geographical features that would traditionally be found in a landscape picture.

The triangle is recurring in my work, representing a mountain or an island or points of thread intersecting. While looking at all things soft and fuzzy (logic), I came across an anomaly in geometry whereby the angles of a triangle must add up to 180 degrees on a two-dimensional plane but applied (appliqued) to a globe can be measured differently. The ‘fact’ when made ‘soft’ is no longer ‘true’. Instead a new truth emerges, one which is tactile and flexible and far more interesting. A Soft Truth.”

- Anne J Steves


installation by Anne Steves in the window of Studio B Gallery



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