“PAPER CUTS” exhibit opens on September 23rd




Studio B Gallery is proud to present “Paper Cuts”, a new group exhibition celebrating the unique art medium of paper.  The exhibit will open with a reception on Friday, September 23rd, at 7pm.  All ages are invited to this community event of great art, music, food and a bonfire!

“Paper Cuts” is a group exhibition exploring art on paper, whether it be in ink, print or watercolour.  At first glance simple and unassuming, the often underappreciated medium of paper can be a vehicle of complex ideas and a window into the artist’s practice.  Whereas paint can be layered and stripped away to achieve a certain effect (often using many processes including digital alterations), paper is an intrinsically unforgiving medium and can be in some ways thought of as “vulnerable”, revealing the artistic process and all of its nuances and experiments – in other words, the final product reveals the entire journey.

In Paper Cuts, four different artists experiment with paper, and various materials, producing a variety of effects, all revolving around the human experience and how we witness the world around us.  Beth Borsato and Sophie Gilmore, both local artists exhibiting with Studio B Gallery for the first time, offer close-ups and snapshots of the human figure and all of its wonderful imperfections.  Tasha Hefford, a Vancouver artist and curator, has previously been part of group exhibits at Studio B, is interested in the blurred co-existence of our virtual selves created via social media and our “real” physical selves, which she portrays in her surreal ink drawings with washes of acrylic, watercolour and gouache.  Clive Powsey, a seasoned local artist, continues to explore existential questions found in the catacombs of the human psyche in his prints incorporating collage, old sketches and trilobites.

***thank you Zoe Cooper for designing Paper Cuts poster!


Beth Borsato

“This most recent work has become very immersive for me. As this series is taking shape, the concept of the human experience as a landscape has been repeating in my mind like rolling waves. It is simple on the surface, as are the materials; coffee, ink, and paper primarily. But I am trying to convey something much more complicated than that. These women are not meant to be beautiful. At least not in a conventional sense of the word. Just as the landscape may look tranquil, the path is arduous and tangled.
Every wrinkle, freckle, ink stain and watermark a mark of pride and a story untold. I hope that people will feel engaged and intrigued, but know that entire parts of the narrative will always be missing, such is life.”

Elizabeth Mary Borsato has been producing and exhibiting her mixed media work since attending the Fine Arts programme at NIC in 2008. Coffee, tea, ink and found paper play an integral role in her practice. Inspired and influenced by the figurative art of Egon Schiele and Henri de Toulouse-Loutrec, it was the discovery of Dada, and in particular the collages of Hannah Höch, that truly lit the creative flame. Fascinated by humanity, and distracted by the absurd, the work of E.M. Borsato is an exploration of the emotional relationship with the cultural environment of which we exist.


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