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Hey everyone. It has been awhile since my last update. So to get you up to date, Garden Elf Creations has shifted into making hanging pieces. It all started when I was transporting my Flower Of Life trellis to my friend wedding on the roof of my van to use as decor. I really wanted to hang the piece somewhere, but being a trellis, it wasn’t fitting. Suddenly the wind caught my loosely tied down trellis and completely snapped the piece in half completely breaking the frame off and leaving the decorative piece fully intact. I was fairly upset for a moment until I realized that I could now hang it like I really wanted to.


The piece got hung in beautiful driftwood archway looking out on the ocean and the coastal mountains. To say the least, it was a hit at the wedding and since that day, the majority of my work has been making decorative hanging pieces.

I started by making a few flower of life mandala’s and quickly wanted experiment with some new designs. I’ve always had an affinity towards Crop Circles, because of their beauty, precision, and mysteriousness. So Ive been playing with these designs for the last couple of months. From the trellis designs I was asked to create a couple art installations for our local music festival which I was super inspired to do.(Pictures below) The first 4 Crop Circle inspired pieces were also hung at our local music festival as decor and I sold and traded a couple of the pieces.

One trade was with one of my all time favourite artists from Powell River Autumn Skye Morrison. I was asked by her to custom make her a piece for one of hers. How cool is it to be making art for less than 3 months and asked to make something for a world renowned artist who’s been doing it all her life? Definitely boosted my confidence in the path that I am on.IMG_9218

This is a really exciting time for my work. I started with garden trellises and am now doing something completely different. The trellis idea came to me after I built a couple for our house, I didn’t know what I was doing and I surely wasn’t planning on making it a business. I surely didn’t plan on doing what Im doing presently. I just knew I didn’t want to support my family doing something that I didn’t enjoy. So the lesson for me in all of this, is just to be open. I quit my job because I wanted something different, and with that, created space for this to come into my life. Had I been attached to just making trellises, I wouldn’t be making hanging art pieces.

I still intend to expand on the trellises and garden art side of things, but am having a blast with this idea right now. I intend to remain open to whats next for next for this venture and am excited to see where this takes me. A big thanks to my amazing community for supporting this new project and a huge thanks to Sew Sisters Artist Guild for being instrumental in this shift for me.


I want to leave everyone with this. If you’re not fulfilled by what you’re currently doing. Create space in your life for your calling and remain open. Its not important to have it all figured out right away either. Just start working in the direction of where you want to be. Your path most certainly will reveal itself. It’s a fun journey and I totally recommend it. Since Ive started this journey everything Ive ever wanted to get involved in workwise has presented itself to me. Working with festivals which is a big passion of mine, artistic home building and renovation projects, and other exciting opportunities are knocking at my door nonstop. Certainly a confirmation that one is on the right path.

Check out my newest pieces in the gallery below. Thanks for reading.

Andy Smith

Garden Elf Creations   (250)792-8081

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