Meet the Collage Finalists

Our March Wednesday night sessions were such a hit we decided to prolong the series into April. In the end we had over 20 collages to choose from. One rainy Sunday in May, Artists Maryanne Coyle (foot) and Destanne Lundquist (bun) came to Studio B to select the finalists. These professional collagers judged which pieces they thought would well represent the Guild and make for good art cards. The Artists were revealed to the judges after the selection process.


Christine Randolph
Started painting when I retired from a Melbourne Australia based Internet Business Process extremely boring job in 2004.
Tried to copy Van Goghs and stuff.
Finally I started painting my own designs.. (I will still try to copy anything that I like)…
For the past 3 months, I have been renting studio space at Corre Alice’s in Cumberland.
Corre is a huge inspiration.
Took Sew Sister Membership in March 2014 !!!!!!!!!!!!
I also have a studio at Mt Washington where my husband and I and 3 dogs and a cat bought a condo in 2013.
Recent ! I am always moving house. Where will I be next ? I am always saying this is where I will be until they carry me out feet first but…
I cannot believe how many places I have already lived in. (England, France, Netherlands, Spain, Australia, USA)
My first significant gallery show was last year at Ginger 9 when they were still on Ryan Road in Courtenay.
I have sold a total of … less than you can count on your fingers…paintings.
So that makes me an emerging artist !!!!
Working in any medium that might come my way.
Hoping that everything will always be a surprising experiment.

Corre Alice
There is a raw charm to my work, it has it’s own life. My  paintings contain a variety of marks ranging from gentle to explosive in awkward combinations that lure the viewer in.

After decades of painting, my work is confident and uniquely personal, I have no fear of pure pigment and taking risks.

Over time, as with any curious relationship, new layers are discovered while familiar shapes provide the sweet spots in which to find comfort.

Hillary Bowen
I revel in the joys of village life in Cumberland, mother and home school my two wild children, and look forward to old age with my husband. I love to be outside gardening or curled up with a knitting project, a good cup of tea, and some Dark Side chocolate. This is my first collage project.

Kita Navo
My mother and my older sister are both talented painters that I admired growing up. I remember watching them painting flat images on a piece of canvas, and being amazed at how real they felt and I recall wondering in what medium would I be able to do that? Using images that already exist has been the only way that I’ve found.

The first collage that I ever made, loved, and kept, was probably in 1986-I was 12.
It was about love.
Ever since then and throughout my life, collage has always been the art form that when inspiration hits, I must create one. If it takes me a day or weeks, the collage continuously tugs at my mind until it is complete.
The drop-in evening collage sessions at Sew Sisters-Studio B, were the first occasions that I have had to work on a collage project alongside so many other creative people.
It was really alot of fun.

Marianna LaViolette
Collage Night Marianna
I arrived in Cumberland going on six years ago and loved the town immediately. I saw so much artistry and creativity around it fed my own artistic path as a painter. Painting in acrylic and watercolour has been my passion for forty years, but I like to dip my fingers in all artistic mediums. So when my daughter told me about collage night at Studio B, we started going together. What a great idea! I loved the fun spontaneity of each night and collaborating with my community. Thank you Sew Sisters!
Marisol Kouba

The art media form of collage has had special meaning for me since my teenage years when me and my oldest friends would make collage birthday cards to each other. I had an amazing collection spanning years and I kept them all because they were so amazing and funny and beautiful. It’s been a long long time since I played with collage but having the chance to do it again at Studio B with the Sew Sisters Guild brought all that passion and fun back and I really enjoyed being there with other “Sew Sisters” and my Mum: Marianna LaViolette an artist in her own right. Since moving to Cumberland a few years ago my inspiration to create and express myself in an artistic fashion has blossomed again. It must be the town!

Paulina Maj
cheeky p bwweb
Having taken art throughout high school, painting and drawing eventually evolved into computer-based design programs inspired by my stint  in a ‘Media, Information and Technoculture’ University curriculum, then later training as a hair artist.

This Collage Night series was a surprisingly meditative and relaxing way to get ‘my hands dirty’ and remember the tactility other art forms can offer. As often seen in my work  - graphic, literary and musical alike – I tend to get political…

Sonia Stastny
Sonia web pic
I have always enjoyed every aspect of art making – from taking photographs with an old film camera, to delicate application of paint, to getting elbows deep in a mixed media art piece.  I get inspired by sunrises, tiny plants growing out of the dirt in my garden, and sparkles of different colours in my daughter’s eyes.

I come from a scientific background and I enjoy incorporating my varied experience into my art.  I seek surprises, humour, contrast as well as ease, flow and subtlety.
These days, I love being a new mom as well as the curator of a great little gallery space that is Studio B!


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