Human Animal: new exhibit opens September 20

Human Animal Poster‘Studio B’ Gallery invites you to view an exciting collection of works entitled “Human Animal” curated by Sonia Stastny.  The group exhibit featuring new work by local sculptor Pat Acton opens on Friday, September 20, at 7pm.

Pat Acton is an established artist from Comox originally trained as a wood cutter and carver.  In his recent works, Acton uses metal and found objects creating brilliant – humorous and at times haunting – representations of humanity in all its forms.  For more information on Pat Acton, visit the artist’s website here.

On display will also be work by Vancouver painter/photographer Jennifer Mawby.  Her moving image work “Milagrosa” is both enigmatic and captivating, blurring boundaries between artistic media.  For more information on Mawby’s work, visit her website here.

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