Maiden Voyage

Maiden-Voyage-Final-Draft-1024x791‘Studio B’ Gallery is proud to present a new exhibit entitled “Maiden Voyage” of works by Jennifer Brant and Violet Rosehart. The exhibit, curated by Studio B’s resident curator Sonia Stastny, opens on Friday, April 4, with both artists present at the reception from 7 to 11pm.

Although working in different media, Brant’s and Rosehart’s work shares certain qualities and themes. Ottawa native Violet Rosehart, merely 24 years of age, presents her most recent series of ink drawings on paper. They depict various configurations of braided hair and are studies of patience, strength and the feminine bond. Interestingly, these drawings have originated from Rosehart’s sculptural works created out of cloth, human and animal hair and starch. The artist describes them as “womblike, nestlike or moonlike” and sees them as explorations of memory and experience.

Jennifer Brant, born and raised on the West Coast, obtained her B.A. at Emily Carr University and B.Ed. at UBC, and has taught art and art history for several years. Brant’s new series encompass two bodies of work which appear very different at first glance. Her embroidered pieces offer splashes of colour whereas her scratchboard drawings are stark depictions in black and white. However, Brant masterfully uses both media to explore connectivity and colour, and describes her mysterious undulating shapes as explorations of “topography, [… ] biochemistry, neurology, migration, vastness of spirit, swarms, cycles, flocks”.

Both of the artists currently live off-grid on Lasqueti Island and have become close friends and colleagues, often collaborating or working side by side on their art. Maiden Voyage is their first exhibit together off their home island.

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