Garden Elf Debuts at Cumberland Market Days

Andy Trellis both
Local Member Artist and Former SSAGS President, Andy Smith, is… dun dun duuunnn… the Garden Elf!

And oh how we love his flair. Building solid wood trellises inspired by a love of real food, sacred geometry, DMT chemistry and, well, all things New Age, Andy has taken the Cumberland gardeners by storm.

Whether you want to grow peas, beans, strawberries or grapes, the Garden Elf can help you with your growing needs.

Check out more designs at

Interested gardeners can contact Andy at 250 792 8081 or

Andy Strawberry Planter DiscussionAndy Strawberry Planter Pyramid 2

Andy Trellis Tent Display

 Andy Trellis 2

Andy Trellis 1






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