Conscious Community Cooperative Initiative

Outline of Intent

To maintain ethical integrity
To treat with mindfulness neighborhood and community
To maintain a philosophy of Love and Compassion
To follow virtuous rules of life, i.e. The Golden Rule, Karmic Rules
To be positive, loving and optimistic while assisting people in need
To be good stewards of the land for this and future generations
To educate and treat all people with dignity
To honour our children and elders for the betterment of our world
To treat all people equally, showing no discrimination based on but not limited to: age, sexual orientation, gender orientation, physical ability, tribe, creed, spiritual belief, ethnic background, nationality, adornments, vestments, social distinctive, political affiliation, artistic expression, sacred observation, cultural perspective.
To maintain and promote active roles in sustainable living.
To contribute to the greater good, by committing to a life of kindness, humility and being present.
To follow stewardship principles while on Earth, taking care of things allotted to us (animate and inanimate) with loving reason.

Effort of Implementation

Taking personal opportunities and responsibilities graciously.
Doing what is right in the moment joyfully and taking personal responsibility for our actions.
Respecting personal liberty.
Maintaining a spirit of community while being supportive.
Creating a Heart of compassion, empathy and forgiveness.
Conscious rejection of apathy and arrogance.
Participating in sacrificial service acts by providing charitable donations to community projects in the form of contribution of money, time, membership, leadership, skills, assets and materials.
We seek opportunities to promote local economies by participating in interpersonal trade based commerce and by utilizing local businesses and services whenever possible.
Providing Charitable donations to community projects: i.e. donations, ideas, time, membership, leadership commitments, money, assets, and tools.
Providing a forum in which traditional sacred observances may be respected, observed and honored in order to promote diversified perspectives of faith and spirituality.

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