Artist Talk with Maryann Kym Coyle

We are very excited to have local artist Maryann Kym Coyle kick off the Collage Night sessions at 7pm on October 16th with an Artist Talk where she will be discussing the process and inspiration behind her infamous and notoriously humorous holiday art cards (see gallery below).

About Maryanne:

“ As a small child, Maryann knew that one of the things she wanted to do for the rest of her life was to paint and create art.   Later, (as an older child) she attained her Bachelor of Fine Art from Emily Carr of Art and Design in Vancouver, B.C.    

Throughout the past eleven years, Maryann has been known to get distracted from her painting practice by her love of creating collages.   She is particularly  inspired by the overstimulated season that can be Christmas.   The collages emulate the irony and humor that often surround the season.
Maryann currently lives and creates in Cumberland B.C.  ”



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