Mission Statement

Sine Quo Non

  • We display the highest standards of personal integrity while actively seeking to develop the personal resources allotted to us.
  • We continue to enrich our lives through personal development of spiritual relevance
  • We actively strive to seek the betterment of our community as well as philanthropic endeavors and contributions to humanitarian efforts abroad.
  • We acknowledge the proven character of those who have come before us.
  • We continue the work of good leaders for the sake of securing good traditions for those who follow.
  • We develop new ideas and projects to aid in the welfare and wellbeing of the masses.
  • We seek truth to better understand ourselves.
  • We seek the greater good learning from our failures as lessons to finding it.
  • We see the balancing of good and evil.
  • We forgive those who condemn us.
  • We are aware of our place in the earth. And seek to know more.
  • We have love and give hope to those who need it.

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