A Visual Quartet: inaugural exhibit at ‘Studio B’ Gallery


A Visual Quartet is a group exhibition featuring works by four female artists from the Comox Valley: Destanne Lundquist, Erin Sandland, Cathy Stoyko and Nichol Ward.  Just like different instruments of a quartet, each artist has her own ‘sound’, her own way of using artistic media and mark-making to create a visual expression of a concept, emotion or a vision.   Ranging from mixed media and collage to assemblage and lightbox, together the exhibited works create a conversation, a story, each contributing its unique energy to the whole.

As an inaugural exhibit at ‘Studio B’, this particular selection of works will serve as both a reminder of the exceptional artistic talent within our community as well as an invitation for the Comox Valley art lovers and collectors to return to ‘Studio B’ Gallery for upcoming bi-monthly exhibits.

The opening reception will feature a live musical performance by Birch, a duo of experimental sound artists.  As partners, Jesse and Destanne form Birch: a soundscape duet that combines drum, processed Fisher Price turn-table, pocket-size analogue synth and cassette player, along with an assortment of odds and sods.  They are highly influenced by sound collage, copy-left and the notion that everything is a beautiful accident.


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