Studio B Gallery is proud to launch the 4th annual holiday art exhibit entitled 10 UNDER 100 SHOW. The exhibit, curated by Studio B’s resident curator Sonia Stastny, opens on Friday, December 2nd with a reception from 7 to 11pm, and will continue into the new year.

Studio B Gallery has been busy this year with a couple of successful art exhibits, as well as various art workshops all around the valley. In the upcoming holiday show 10 UNDER 100, the audience is sure to find something that pleases the eye and appeals to the variety of artistic tastes. The show will showcase works by artists new to Studio B as well as popular artists from the guild’s roster. All the artworks will be under or around the $100 mark and thus perfect for the holiday gift giving crowd. The show curator says: “I am amazed at how much the art scene is growing in the Valley and I enjoy connecting the dots between different communities, age groups and organizations, whether it be Cumberland, Courtenay or Denman Island; kids workshops at the Cumberland Community School Society or advanced collaborative art projects at the Comox Valley Art Gallery.” In recent exhibits at Studio B Gallery, Sonia has been focusing on unveiling some hidden artistic talent from the Comox Valley, often stay-at-home moms following their creative passion in the rare moments of spare time.

For updates on events and workshops, please keep coming back to our website.

To learn more about the artists in the exhibit, keep reading… 

David Ballantyne

“I try to make the ordinary less ordinary.”

Born in Alberta, Canada in the mid 20th century, David found making visual art to be his primary interest at an early age. Drawing came first followed by the discovery of photography at age 8 with the gift of his mother’s 1930s box camera and he took up the challenge of painting in his later years.

While primarily self-taught he has taken many college level courses and workshops from various locations such as the Alberta College of Art, University of Alberta, University of Calgary, The Friends of Photography, and New School – The Parsons School of Design

He has won awards and exhibited his work in Canada, The USA and Europe. He has also been the recipient of arts grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and The Alberta Foundation for the Arts. He is represented in the collection of The Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

David currently resides in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Scott Bertram

Scott Bertram takes an improvisational approach to painting, with an aim to sustain the moment between perception and recognition – just before we can put a name to what we see.  Scott has shown his work in many exhibitions across Canada as well as internationally.  He is currently the featured artist at the Vancouver Art Gallery’s “Art Rental & Sales” program.  More info can be found at www.scottbertram.ca

Gillian Brooks

It was at an early age that Gillian admired the underground world of graffiti art for it’s technical skill and growing culture. Today as a Cumberland resident, Gillian spends her time hand-painting smaller canvas pieces but prefers to use her bold combinations of spray paint and acrylic to paint large scale murals. Her work can be seen throughout her seven local Cumberland murals, two in Courtenay and Forbidden Plateau skate park completed during the spring/summer months of 2012-2016.

Executing her ideas with a sense of humor and style, she insists on making art fun. In future mentoring projects associated with Get On Board and Cumberland Community School, Gillian hopes to open the minds of her young viewers and educate them on the positive cultural benefits of aerosol art when it is used responsibly, bringing life and inspiration to their community.

Lorraine Buckrell

“Painting, for me, is very much about the act itself and all it’s complexities. Influenced by historical and contemporary practices of abstraction, I’m drawn to its possibilities as a visual language.

These recent small, abstract works involve interplay of contrasts, incorporating collage and mixed media. The myriad collisions of gesture, form, color and space come together, unfolding in a hierarchy of decision-making. Soft pastels paired with bright fluorescents, gesture and geometric form, along with references to nature and architecture, are all grounded by the quiet contrast of negative space.

I am engaged by the exchange between subjective chance, intuitive response and the objectivity of managing formal matter. Inner worlds are brought to the surface in material form, revealing something new, yet somehow familiar. It is my hope, to allow the viewers to take away their own personal experience of each piece.”

Lorraine Buckrell was born in Guelph Ontario in 1970. In 1993, she earned a BA in Fine Arts from Bishops University, focused on photography, drawing and painting. She then pursued her studies in painting and drawing at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, where she earned a BFA in 2000.

Her current interests in painting are informed by her influences of Abstract Expressionism and Minimalism. She is engaged in exploring surfaces through painterly layers of colour and gestural mark making, while merging abstraction with elements of representation. It is the mystery of the unknown and the possibility of her process, as revealed through the working of surfaces, that intrigue her most.Currently Lorraine resides in the Comox Valley.

Cleo Butcher

“I am fairly new to Vancouver Island from the prairies. I have a young family and my interest in what some might call “radical homemaking” competes with the indoor art practice I have been honing for a decade or so. I take great solace in the meditative possibilities of physical, repetitive work and I seek this feeling in art. I aim to be hard-working artist.

I gravitate toward collage because it can absorb the little detritus of life. I like to turn bits of nothing into something. Laying down the first layer, I do what comes naturally. After that it becomes a matter of trying to resolve things. I am a maximalist who handles the task of unifying disparate elements through layering. I use drawing to weave things together. My ink work is inspired by textiles, china, and other domestic patterning. It begins as something not far removed from the type of “zentangle” that is all the rage as a relaxation technique, but then develops into a logic that I must follow through with.”

Caro Caro

Carolina Galleran is a painter and illustrator from Los Angeles, Ca currently living and working in San Francisco. She has studied throughout California as well as in Lima, Peru and graduated with a BFA in painting from San Francisco Art Institute in 2015.

Fields of organic form and pattern synthesize natural reality, a space that is entirely in the realm of human manipulation and influence but still affected by and existing in nature. The paintings are subjective landscapes/inscapes, an interpretation of environmental surroundings and a reflection of the interaction between nature and human nature, especially in the context of an urban environment.


Roxanne Cowles-MacPhail

“People and the mythology, they culturally, or individually create, are the most interesting things to me. Mytho-Realism is my primary field of exploration.”

Roxanne has been exhibiting her art since 1986.

Rowan Helliwell

Rowan grew up on the liberation zone of Hornby Island, attended The Kootaney School of Arts for printmaking and mixed media and The IDEA Program at Capilano University for Illustration and Graphic Design. Now living in Cumberland, she is found in her garden, playing the forest or creating something magical.

Robin Konstabaris

Robin studied art at Emily Carr Institute, going on to do multiple solo shows of fine art across Canada. Her primary medium was pastel on paper. Eventually, her interests turned to cartooning and she spent 10 years as an alternative newsweekly contributor, most notably through her weekly comic Clip ‘n’ Save. Robin has been published in numerous magazines, anthologies and journals, and co-authored a graphic cookbook with Pierre LeBlanc. She also dabbles in photography, but her first and primary love is creating art on paper mediums.

Robin currently resides in Cumberland with her husband and cat.

Sally Podmore

“As a child, I spent hours scouring the ground for little treasures. Even gravel parking lots were a wonderland of interesting shapes and colours begging for collection. I have many memories of walks and hikes with shorts drooping, pockets full and heavy with rocks and shells.  This yearning to gather and collect pieces and memories from each place I visit has never left me.

With Acrylic on canvas, my work is a reflection of inspiration I get from the beauty of the natural world and the freedom and playfulness of being human. As a mother of two young children, I am reminded more and more how there is little separation between the two.

I currently live in Cumberland BC.”

Anna Rambow

“This work explores the beauty of the unknown. I was inspired by objects and tools used throughout time to try to unlock the mysteries of SPACE and SHAPE. The use of mixed media, including acrylic, ink, and collage, allow different ideas to emerge.”

Anna Rambow has studied photography, video and design, and arts and cultural management. She currently works at the Cumberland Museum and Archives, is President of Comox Valley Arts, and a Co-Producer with Elevate the Arts. In the moments between community organizing, and being a mom, she enjoys creating various forms of art.

Christine Randolph

Christine Randolph born 1963 in Germany. Emigrated to Australia in 1991. Emigrated to the USA in 2001. Emigrated to Canada in 2003. Re-emigrating to the US in 2016 (loves Trump so much). Art career started in 2006 when she took a half-finished painting to an art class with the comment: I just want to finish this and never paint again. Famous last words…

Today she dilettantes around in not just painting but all manner of visual art media: pottery, print-making, digital art, among others. She acts in and writes sketch comedy with the Skit Disturbers (local sketch comedy troupe). She started playing the piano in 2014 and is on page 88 of the first piano book which was supposed to be done after 12 months. Every once in a while she does small art restauration jobs.

Brad Rhadwood

Knot, knot. Who’s there? The Wood Whisperer! Vancouver based artist Brad Rhadwood salvages wood of all nature, transforming them into beautiful artwork, installations, furniture, jewelry and sometimes even bonfires! Through his process aka The Way of the Wood, he gives each piece a new life and hopefully a new home.

In one medium, he uses the naturally occurring knots found in the wood to be the eyes of an array of whimsical woodland creatures, reporpoised sea life, or other funny/weird but always interesting and original works of art.

Knots are the beginning to every piece. His light down the rabbit hole, the key to a magical garden. “Sometimes I begin the conversation with an idea or intention, sometimes the wood does all the talking.

Letting the wood speak is equally as important (usually more) than anything I have to say. A good friend is one who listens ie. friends with wood.”

When “Bradwood” is not lost in the woods he can be found teaching arts and crafts to the kids of Saint James Music Academy, a non-profit that helps bring music and art education to the Downtown Eastside community, which he is a part of.  He loves a wood pun and his work proves is, relentlessly and sometimes to a fault. But woodever the season, it’s all wood. Just relax and may the forest be with yew!

Anne Steves

Anne J Steves is a visual artist working at the intersection of art and craft primarily through textiles and thread based media. Her work examines the narratives of place and the ways in which craft aesthetics can draw out connections between ourselves and the spaces (both constructed and natural) in which we dwell. In particular she is interested in place as both a static geographical site and a set of memories, objects and characteristics constantly in motion.

Born and raised in Wales, Anne made British Columbia, Canada her home in 2000. Her work draws upon a strong Welsh heritage of craft making as well as the experiences of moving from place to place. Since living in Canada, Anne has received her BFA from Emily Carr University and her MFA from the University of Victoria. Anne has taught drawing at the University of Victoria and courses at the intersection between art and craft at the Vancouver Island School of Art, Gower College, Wales and various community spaces.


Cathy Stoyko

“For the past 15 years I have been active in the Comox Valley arts community as a mixed media artist (painting, book arts, collage, and 3D assemblage), a dancer, choreographer, mask maker, costume designer, event organizer/producer, and curator.

My mixed media art style could be described as surrealist, visionary, neo folk art. I often incorporate found objects, recycled materials, personal ephemera, simple printmaking techniques, text, drawing, painting and bees wax.

Visit my art blog.”

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