This year’s line up of artists features a few new faces as well as many familiar and loved locals.  The exhibit is an impressive melange of mediums, styles, colours and subject matter.  Ladies and gentlemen, please give a round of applause to the following selected artists:

  • Jennifer Brant (embroidery)
  • Gillian Brooks (ink on wood)
  • Emily Cooper (collage, giclee)
  • Maryann Kym Coyle (oil on canvas)
  • Rowan Helliwell (mixed media)
  • Jo Lee (illustration, print)
  • Sally Podmore (acrylic on canvas)
  • Ron Pogue (photography)
  • Christine Randolph (oil on canvas)
  • Brad Rhadwood (acrylic on wood)
  • Cathy Stoyko (mixed media)

Artist biographies are available at the gallery.


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